2016 & Upcoming Events:


Annual General Meeting:

The Annual General Meeting was held on Monday March 14th, 2016. If you are interested in a position please email us or contact us on Facebook! We are always looking for and welcoming new volunteers.

The club purchased a laptop, printer, Microsoft Office and Quicken Program to keep files more central. The treasurer is currently in possession of these items.

We plan to further pursue permanent highway and road signs with directions to club trails. This might involve talking with landowners.

Brazeau ATV Club 13th Annual Poker Rally - Saturday, September 10, 2016

On September 10th we had our Annual Poker Rally which went off successfully! We had 200 participants and were able to raise $870 for STARS! The weather was great as well, and we were told the trails were the best that they have ever been. We got some good feedback from riders about advertising better and that we take credit card payment with our square reader. We also have a business from the city who is interested in donating equipment and transporting it to and from the event for us.

Our second place winners tied, so they flipped a coin for 2nd & 3rd but said they are just going to split the cash anyway since they were buddies!

Thank you ad, courtesy of Drayton Valley Western Review

Volunteers and Sponsors - Thank You! Without you this wouldn't have happened!

Hope next year we can get more new volunteers so we can continue to make these events happen. STARS apologies they couldn't make it out to our event but we will do a cheque presentation to them in the upcoming month. We also apologize that the conservations officers made an appearance at the end of the event when we were trying to wrap things up. Afterwards we talked with them and they apologized as their timing was poor and agreed we need to work together, not against each other.

Overall, a successful event and hope to see you guys again next year!

Parks Day 2016 - held Saturday, July 16

We participated in Parks Day 2016 and had a great time giving ATV rides on our trails in Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation area. Following the rides everyone enjoyed a hot dog roast on site.

Parks Day 2016 ATV Riders
Parks Day 2016 ATV Riders

2015 in Review:

At the June 2, 2015 AGM executive member positions were filled as follows:
• President – Denis Poissant (Interim)
• Vice President – Percy Campbell (Interim)
• Treasurer – Becky Janishewski
• Secretary – Megan Maddock
• Trail Coordinator – Blair Trueman
• Marketing and Public Relations – Crystal Skinner
The President and Vice President positions have been accepted for the interim. All positions are available; if you are interested let us know as we would like to see new people become members and share their ideas and leadership on how the club should be operated. The time requirement is minimal and guidance from previous members will be provided.

12th Annual Poker Rally - Saturday, Sept 12, 2015 was a huge success. One of the best ones so far. We donated $980 to STARS. We had 294 riders and 500 hands of poker, with no injuries. Edson and Caroline ATV groups said we have one of the best trail runs. We have some great take a ways from this event and looking to improve this year's event to make it even better. A reminder that no one is to run their ATV/UTV or Dirt bikes in the river as it is a $1500 fine.

Going to look at getting permanent signage along the highway, with the help of Parks, for better directions to the trails year round.

2014 in Review:

• Outhouses have been removed due to vandalism. They are very costly so AOHVA is looking into if we can get a few more outhouses donated from south ATV groups.
• Lots of cat work and chain saw hours were put in to clean up the trails. Also Kelly’s trucking graciously donated 2 bridges and installed them where they were very much needed.
• Membership costs were removed; donations are kindly accepted now to help with trail maintenance costs.
• Parks Day and the Poker Rally were huge successes. Thank you everyone for your donations and volunteer time!
• We donated $500 to STARS which they very much appreciated.

Cheque presentation to STARS at the 2014 Poker Rally
Cheque Presentation to STARS after our 2014 Poker Rally

2012 in Review:

• Annual Poker Rally was held on September 22, 2012.
• Work bees for trail clean-up took place.

2011 in Review:

• There are 10-12 campsites with a circle road at the staging area now.
• The outhouses are all in place.
• We hired a cat to do trail maintenance, such as leveling and drainage.
• Four work bees were organized to clear debris, fill holes, and re-build some of the bridges (thanks to all our volunteers!).
• We increased our membership by 25% for the year and hope to do so again in 2012.
• Approximately 30 people attended the Alberta "Push to Open".
• As a club we want to give back to the community and so we donated $750.00 to "Make a Wish Foundation".

Cheque presentation to STARS at the 2014 Poker Rally
Parks Day 2016 ATV Riders